iPhone Fishing Apps


  • IPHONE FISHING APPS -- Below is a list of handy iPhone fishing apps.

    Navionics Marine US West - This is a pretty good navigation app for use on the water. It's map actually covers baja, so if you're interested in knowing where you are, this app isn't bad.

    Fishhead for iPhone - Great app with all kinds of fishing data. Has worldwide tide data that will be relevant in Mexico.

    GPS-Trk - Very simply GPS tracking app for iphone - Track your route and important spots with this app. Really easy to work with offline (no data connection needed). Can last all day, and exports easily into Google Maps or Google Earth.

    Spanish Dictionary for iPhone - Great app when you can't find the word to explain something to your fishing guide. A nice app for all travel in Spanish speaking countries.

    Skype for iPhone - Easiest way to call home. If you can get a wireless internet connection in your hotel, you can call home with this app. With a SkypeOut connection you can dial any number in the US or Mexico for very cheap. Get it before you go.

    IGFA App for iPhone - Bring the IGFA app along and you'll always know what the world record catch is. Great for identifying species and knowing how big the biggest really can be.