• The East Cape is a very safe part of Mexico. The local people are nice and crime is fairly low.

    Take Normal Precautions - While the East Cape is a safe place, it's always best to take normal precautions in Mexico. If you have a few drinks don't be obnoxious in public, don't openly display a lot of money, and be polite. You should be just fine with those simple rules.

    Money - The dollar is accepted as easily as the Peso. Don't flash it in public, and it's probably best to keep caches of your cash in different places within your bags. There is an ATM in the town of Los Barriles, but it can breakdown. Most of your trip can probably be charged to your hotel, but it's a good idea to have some cash.

    Getting Sick - While East Cape water and sanitary conditions are pretty good expect your stomach to not be digesting normally. Feeling a little off is normal but getting really sick is rare. If you are planning a long day, it's a good idea to bring some anti-diarrhea mediation in your bag (some take it even if they are feeling good, just to avoid any problems with a long day). It's also a good idea to have your doctor prescribe some anti-biotics in case you get really sick. There is a clinic in the town of Los Barriles, and anti-biotics can be purchased without a prescription at pharmacies in the area. Cipro is a powerful anti-biotic and it is known as "ciproflaxocino" in Mexico.

    Hospitals - If you require hospitalization, you should talk to the staff at your hotel. There is a hospital in Cabo San Lucas, and one in La Paz. There is also a clinic in the town of Los Barriles.

    Phone and Internet - There are Internet cafes in the East Cape and most hotels have an Internet connection. Some hotels have wireless access too. Although there is cell phone reception (GSM) on the East Cape, calling home can be expensive at normal cell phone rates. Consider using Skype on your laptop, smartphone, or at an Internet cafe. Purchasing the SkypeOut package from will allow you to dial phones in the states for very cheap rates.

    Police - If you feel that you need police help, it's probably best to go through your hotel staff. They can advise you on the system, and they can also translate if you don't speak Spanish.